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Co-sleeping with your laundry?

Bunmi Laditan’s Facebook page has given me the most incredible term to describe many of my clients’ laundry relationships – so, let’s discuss your Attachment Laundering in a shame free, forgiving, and understanding environment.

Remember when clothing was expensive? Fast fashion stores are now churning out clothing that is so cheap that charities, like the Salvation Army, can no longer compete. Americans now have 400% more pieces of clothing than they did 20 years ago. That means you can go 4 times as long without doing the laundry. It means you have 4 times as many clothes as you did two decades ago. I’ve been in homes where, even if the laundry can get caught up, there simply isn’t anywhere for it to go. So, it’s not surprising that we end up drowning it clothes.
What’s the solution?

  1. Change your attitude; start to value the best, not the most.
  2. For every item you buy, you need to discard one. A new pair of shoes means an old pair needs to find a new home.
  3. This might be the time to go MarieKondo all over your wardrobe. If it doesn’t spark joy then it has no place in your life.
  4. Try Project 333. 33 pieces of clothing for three months.