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Practical, efficient and highly knowledgeable.

Happy Pea was professional from start to finish. Susan is warm, kind and gentle, but practical, efficient and highly knowledgeable. She was able to organize years of papers into a wonderful, functional system that I can sustain on my own. Highly recommended!

scoop68 | Toronto
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Professional, prompt, efficient, respectful, responsive, value-added service.

Professional, prompt, efficient, respectful, responsive, value-added service. Hired for simple job of removing clutter from basement and organizing. Susan took care of everything i didn’t want to do – the prep, the work, and helping me remove (donate, recycle, trash) unwanted items from the premises. She followed up with suggestions and information on next steps. I would hire Susan again, for other jobs I still need done, including further de-clutter, organizing and office organization.

Alexandra | Toronto
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I could not have done it myself.

Very resourceful, objective and helpful.
Susan was a pleasure to work with and the day went by really fast. She organized my main floor, front closet and mud room. I could not have done it myself.

Branca | Toronto
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A great investment.

I hired happy pea to help me reorganize my house. I was embarrassed to take the plunge of paying a personal organizer to help me figure out my home – I’d been in with my husband for one year – because it was just us and I had no kids I could blame! Susan was non-judgmental and incredibly positive and boy am I glad she helped us! Now we don’t come home dreading the jobs of cleaning and organizing, we have systems set up that we can maintain and a spot for all our items. It would have taken me a year of precious Saturdays to get what Susan and her team did in 2 days! A great investment.

Jessica | Toronto
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Highly efficient and motivating team.

happy pea is a professional, highly efficient and motivating team….I didn’t know where or how to start organizing and clearing my house of clutter, and within hours, we had so much done…I am going to slowly organize my whole house with the coaching and guidance of happy pea!!

webuser_203982 | Toronto
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I'm more than thrilled

I’m more than thrilled with my experience with Susan Hammond, happy pea. I have known that “I have to do something about this clutter” for years but it really was an emotional thing for me and something I was totally unable to do on my own.
Susan is the ultimate professional, taking the lead on the decluttering knowing that I can only handle 3-hour time slots no matter how much I wanted to “get it all done now”. She is also “directing” the process – having me go through “items” rather than areas – which I always tackled before, to no success. She comes on time and leaves on time and the amount of work that we get done in that time block is amazing. She’s also available for the “oh but wait – I need that back” emails and calls that I’ve experienced during this process. I never needed anything back – it was just the emotional after effects of purging so much stuff.

We’re half way through the process and I’m amazed at the amount of “stuff” I’ve been able to part with only under her professional guidance. Her attitude is professional, her knowledge of not only how to purge and organize is astute, her acknowledgement of the emotional toll it can take on the client is supportive and her professionalism in her electronic booking appointments and keeping me up to date of future appointments is totally above and beyond what I expected to get from a “decluttering service”. That’s because Susan offers so much more than a decluttering service and that’s why I selected happy pea over the numerous sites that sprang up when I googled it. It truly is an amazing experience and I can’t wait to continue to the finish line. Susan is helping me do something that I’ve known I’ve had to do for years but just could not handle alone. I highly recommend happy pea.

Tilde28 | Toronto
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Now our closets are totally organized

Our master bedroom closet and basement coat closet were disasters – and filled our hearts with dread. But Susan from happy pea came in and very successfully found a ton more room in our house! She knew what suggest donating or putting in storage. Now our closets are totally organized and we are able to find things easily. Thanks Susan

Kath Evans | Toronto
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She helped build my confidence and didn't judge

Susan helped me organize my basement, paperwork and other cluttered spaces. She taught me how to keep on going to tackle other areas on my own. She also provided a paperwork system that was manageable and easy to maintain. She helped build my confidence and didn’t judge. She knew when to push and when to back off. She was very good at reading what I needed and able to work with me or on her own.

hfforbes | Toronto
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I would highly recommend happy pea

Susan Hammond is an energetic professional with a can-do attitude. She helped us de-clutter a bedroom that was in total shambles and uncovered my office desk for the first time in years. I would highly recommend happy pea.

webuser_833020 | Toronto
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