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neatfreak! closetMAX for the win

We organized a walk-in closet in a rental condo by using the neatfreak! closetMAX system.  I thought this was more cost effective over a built-in for a rental property. Plus the client can take it with her when she moves. 


Generally I’m not a fan of temporary closet products. They are pretty flimsy and frustrating. Anything you are using daily should be the best quality that you can afford, but after using neatfreak! I was impressed. 

We started off by taking everything out of the closet and applying our patented categorizing and sorting system. Just kidding. We haven’t gotten around to patenting it yet 😉 But honestly, if you want to get control of your wardrobe you’ve got to do the hard work of pulling everything out of the closet and dressers. So after we sorted all the clothes, the client spent a few minutes choosing items she didn’t need anymore and we ended up donating a couple bags of clothing. 

Putting it all back we were careful to set up category zones so that things didn’t just get lost in the forest of clothing. I’d suggest that you set up a dressy/formal wear section, that you group like items together, and that you consider hanging most of it if you have the space. 

This client had enough closet space for her clothes and accessories. If you don’t, you need to be ruthless and unromantic in purging what you’ve got. I’ve heard it said that you can evaluate a woman’s self esteem by the number of black pants in her wardrobe, but I myself find them handy. If you’ve got 50 pairs, however, some action may be required. Check out Project333 for some inspiration to get you going on a more simple wardrobe. 

I definitely suggest checking out neatfreak!’s closetMAX system if aren’t ready to do a built-in system.  

And if you are in the market for a permanent system, check out my video on the Rubbermaid closet and shelving system here to see how I customized my front hall closet at home. 

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