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(Before she started working for happy pea, Diane got Kondo’fied.)

Marie Kondo Changed My Habits for Good

I was complaining about the clutter in my home when a friend recommended The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. “You should read this book! It’s on the New York Times Best Sellers list!” I was told.

In The Life-Changing Magic, Kondo gets to the root of our attachment to things and teaches us why we hang onto stuff. Through stories and examples, she explains her life-long struggles of organizing and teaches us how to break the accumulation cycle using the KonMari Method.

Here are 3 new habits I formed after reading her book.

I can part with gifts from others
Even if I didn’t like a gift or didn’t use it, I felt guilty giving it away. Now I can let it go with ease.

I don’t offload my stuff onto friends and family
I used to pass along items to others because it was easier than accepting I wasted money buying it in the first place. Now I gladly donate gently used household items to Value Village, where they will fall into the hands of someone who sought it out.

I buy what I need
The last thing I want to do is invite more stuff into my home for a future purging project. I don’t peruse stores or buy something just because it’s on sale or because I might use it one day. The best part is I am content with what I already have.

So now I tell others to read Kondo’s book. Some people tell me they worry Kondo’s method is extreme and that they couldn’t follow through with her intense purging process. Reading The Life-Changing Magic alone will forever change your perception of the objects that surround you. You will be able to identify the issues holding you back, and you will form new habits too.

If you’re ready to tackle your stuff and organize your space, happy pea can kick-start your efforts and help you through the process. Book a free, no obligation 30-min phone consultation to find out how.

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