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How to Work with a Professional Organizer

What is the difference between happy pea and a cleaning person? How do Professional Organizers work?

We get asked this a lot.

Some professional organizing companies also provide cleaning services. We don’t, but we can recommend some great cleaners if you need them.

  • Although many cleaning companies are insured, a freelance cleaner might not be. You take a risk using uninsured workers in your home. happy pea has liability and errors and omissions insurance.
  • We are members of Professional Organizers in Canada. Susan is chair of the Toronto chapter. As such, we are subject to the code of ethics of POC.
  • We work directly with you to streamline your home, estate, home office, or business. A cleaner will tidy up, clear counters, and put things away (perhaps not to be found again!); a professional organizer will help you find a home for your things.
  • Susan has Specialist Certificates in Hoarding Disorder, Chronic Disorganization, and AD/HD.

What We Do

  • First and foremost, we help you declutter. If you’re feeling disorganized, if your home or office isn’t working for you, chances are very good that you have too much stuff. It’s easy to get bogged down by the past. It’s easy to fall prey to marketing that tells you to buy the latest and greatest. It’s easy to get overwhelmed. We help you by systematically moving through your home, categorizing everything, and taking you through decisions of what stays and what goes. In this process, we get to know you, your lifestyle, and how your household works and doesn’t work. That’s the foundation that we build on for your new home organization systems.
  • We create great, easy to maintain, colour coded paper filing systems. We are all about retention and retrieval. We evaluate what needs to be kept, for how long, and how often that item is required.
  • We create amazing storage areas where everything is clearly labelled and easy to find. No more running around the house trying to remember where you last squirreled away batteries.
  • We work with your budget. At minimum, we recommend two organizers spend one full day on a project. Our experience has been that part days, or one person jobs just don’t give good value to you, the client.
  • We can bring storage tools that we think will work within your space too (shopping fees apply).

Your Role

  • You are the decision maker. We coach you through the process, but the ultimate decisions are always yours to make.

Our Process

  • Book a free 30-minute phone consultation with us through our website
  • A free estimate can be given over the phone or in-home in the old City of Toronto. A minimal fee applies outside that boundary and is credited to any work we do with you.
  • We require 50% payment in advance with the remainder due at the end of the last session. We accept PayPal, credit card, or e-transfer.

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